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The Principles of Freedom

Principles of freedom

Report from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and the Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP)

Kevin Annett & ITCCS

Ayn Rand

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

Ayn Rand

Full Film:


Kevin Annett and

Canada’s genocide.



A lesson from the Apes

Forced Adoption Exposed

Forced Adoption Exposes

UK Column

The UK's #1 newspaper - the truth behind the propaganda. uk column - the alternative to mainstream propaganda

21st Century Wire

Kudos to Patrick Henningson, foremost geo-political analyst. Kudos to Patrick Henningson, foremost geo-political analyst.

Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash

Agenda 21

Agenda 21

Pie ’n’ Mash Films

Bill Maloney & Pie 'n' mash films

       Children Screaming
to be Heard

 to be heard

Children Screaming to be Heard

Cannabis is medicine

Cannabis is one of the oldest medicines know to man and can cure many ailments - including cancer! Cannabis is medicine

      We’re certainly living in interesting times, are we not? Some may say troublesome times.   Others may say enlightening times.   Still others suggest these are scary times.   I guess each of us perceives and experiences Life in our own individual fashion.   Here, at Intbel Mansions, we prefer to think of these as exciting times.

      There are many major events occurring with greater frequency, these days, it seems. Indeed, more and more things are happening in shorter and shorter periods of time.   If this keeps up, before much longer, everything is going to happen at once!

      That would please the folks who promote “Living in the Now” no end, that would.   Not that we have any issue with these folks, ’tis just that while “Living in the Now” works very well for a lot of the time, it does not seem practical to do so all of the time.   Not yet, anyway.   We still find it useful to plan ahead to a certain extent, even if ’tis only to ensure there is sufficient for the next banquet.   Generally, we sort of live in the ‘Now’, having no diaries, no timetables and just make things up as we go along.   There is digression here …

    … events occurring with greater frequency ── time is speeding up folks!   Everything is speeding up.   How often do you hear someone say, or even say it yourself “Time goes so fast these days!”  “Thursday already? Good grief, I thought it was only Tuesday!” and similar exclamations.   We are not imagining it.   Neither are we getting old. (Our parents grew old, our job is growing up).

      Here at Intbel Laboratories, we have enquiring minds, seeking answers to Life, the Universe and Everything.   When we realised that mostly everything we had ever been taught (or at least, what they tried to teach us) was a loada bollox, it behoved us to seek elsewhere for the answers.   Douglas Adams, bless him, almost got it, but unfortunately he was all all at sixes and sevens which is why he came up with the answer: Forty Two.   Close.   Doesn’t quite hit the spot though.

It was while listening to a Schumann Concerto that the answer, or part of the answer, hit us.   Simultaneously, “It’s the Schumann Resonance!”

      The “Schumann resonance” is, basically, Earth's background base frequency.   Some refer to it as Earth’s “Heartbeat”.   This frequency is increasing, or rising in a rather dramatic fashion.   For decades the overall measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought to be a constant; global military communications developed on this frequency.   We now know it is at over 11 cps and increasing.   Scientists dunno why.   They haven’t a clue what to make of it.

      Trouble with scientists, they are too damn materialistic.   No, that’s too much of a generalisation. Not all are, check out Bruce Lipton or Greg Braden, for example.

      If the vibrational frequency of our li’l planet increases, what does this mean for the human species? And for all other species come to that? It is very simple.   When the vibrational frequency of the planet rises, so does the vibrational frequency of all things and all Life upon and within the planet increase.   And that, friends, includes all consciousness in and upon Earth.

      We’re talking about all Life in and upon Earth and even Earth herself. Wherever there is Life there is consciousness.

      Check out Youtube. You won’t have to look far to find footage of what we call ‘animals’ doing “amazing things” which were previously thought to be beyond their intelligence, understanding and awareness.   That thinking was correct not so long ago. Look at humanity - are we not also capable of that which it was thought impossible for us to do not so long ago?

      To coin a phrase: “We are waking up”.   A classic example of this is David Icke.

     About twenty years ago, he’d hire a village hall, put out the chairs, and get all prepared. Sometime later he’d put the chairs away, having had an audience which could be counted on the fingers of one hand.   Today his audiences consist of thousands. Indeed, he recently hired Wembley Stadium for an event which generated  greater interest than many other events held in the Olympic Stadium.   Does this not tell us something about humanity “waking up”?   Folks have had enough of the propaganda and the lies and half truths to which we have been subjected since birth.   Folks are now questioning, really questioning everything and are demanding answers containing truth.

      To end this piece, the following is offered:


      Many years ago a planet was born.


      Barely conscious, she instinctively struggled to survive, utilising all resources available to her.

      In time, she evolved into a most beautiful planet, teeming with life expressed in countless forms. She and all upon her existed in perfect harmony.

      A wide variety of animals freely roamed her surface from which grew plant forms ranging from the minuscule to the gigantic.

      In the skies flew an untold number of birds of different species while in her rivers, lakes and oceans dwelt an even greater variety of both fish and mammals.

      As she became more conscious so did all life upon her and humankind arose.

      Man was quite happy and content, living in perfect harmony with her, working with her while enjoying all she had to offer, playing his part in helping to maintain that harmony.


      This was done without conscious thought for it was natural to do so and to live any other way went against Man’s nature.

      As the consciousness of Man continued to rise, self-awareness and intellectual ability increased.

      Unfortunately, this resulted in Man’s increasing focus upon his own achievements and desires and Man became possessive and selfish to such an extent that Man resorted to violence against Man until, finally, a relatively few controlled the many and in doing so, controlled all the resources available.

      This worked to man’s disadvantage, for by focusing upon intellectual challenges and material gain, Man’s intelligence increased at the expense of his spiritual growth. No longer did he live in harmony with Earth – he abused her and sought to control her for his own selfish ends.

      Man razed to the ground vast areas of rain forest where he planted corn, not for food, but for bio-fuels for his combustion engines.

      Man, in his greed, developed fishing techniques which plundered the oceans and left them almost empty. Not for food did he do this, but for profit.

      Man cut deep caverns, miles underground, their tunnels spreading over millions of acres. Even the tops of mountains were blown away and all to satisfy his greed.

      Man polluted the soil and all vegetation growing from that soil in his quest for more and more for less and less. In his vain quest to have everything for nothing (which he already had from day one, had he but known it) he even genetically mutated the very material building blocks through which Life is expressed and in his selfish ignorance began contaminating the food source upon which he and all Life with which he shares this planet require for physical survival.

      Man did all of this and more, on top of creating a powerful explosive force which operated at an atom-ic level and left in its path radiation and waste which will remain destructively active for millennia.

      And all of this is only part of what man has done.

      Today, the situation has barely changed. Indeed, the minority which has become so powerful it controls the majority, is seeking even greater ways in which to exercise and express its power. Today it is experimenting with an atomic “Collider” which it doesn’t understand and is running it to “See what happens.” These same ignorant people have also smashed powerful missiles into Earth’s Moon just to see what is there. They have developed a machine which can create massive weather storms, tidal waves and ruptures in Earth’s surface with no concern for Earth herself.

      Enough is enough. The line has to be drawn somewhere and it was drawn when Man began harnessing Nature to use against herself.

      Mankind will go no further in this direction!

      Earth, while all this has been going on has become very much self-aware.

      There has been for some time, a rise in her consciousness (See Schumann Resonance) and now she is putting herself to rights.

      She is regaining and will regain her original perfect peace and harmony.

      Of course, because this vibrational increase affects all, Man is also waking up, some earlier or later than others, perhaps, but inevitably all will come to full realisation of who and what they are and their relationship to all that is.

      This rise in frequency is an accelerating process and everywhere upon and within Earth, all Life is undergoing a change in consciousness and a raising of awareness. It is a spiritual awakening, a silent revolution. It is evolution.

      This Planet will be of Divine Love whether the Human Race chooses it or not!

      There shall no longer be a body of power led through fear but through Love and Respect and

Honour of ALL in and upon Earth.


      No more separation will be accepted through Destructiveness.

      Know that the great change is not a physical/material event but a Spiritual event … with physical/material consequences.

      Unimaginably vast areas of land have been contaminated – this has to be, and will be, addressed.

      Land will be revitalised and re-arranged.   Indeed, this process has already begun.

      The oceans are polluted and this problem will also be resolved.

      Untold gallons of pure, uncontaminated water, currently frozen, will be transfused into Earth’s circulatory system.

Earth has begun her work.

      Individually and collectively, we can work with her or against her.

      All will come to awareness and all will have to make a choice:   Live in Love or Live in fear.

      Nothing is going to be the way it was before. Not your finances, not your politics, not your work life, not your relationships, not the way you experience your spirituality - all of it is changing … and is going to continue to change.

The only question remaining:

Will you be part author of those continuing changes, or merely one who is impacted by them?

There is only one choice we have ever had to make:

live in confrontation and fear or

live in Peace and Love.

Once that choice is made, all else follows.


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