Paul and Asha

Paul and Asha Forced Adoption Exposed

Fraud just got personal!

Fraud just got personal

The Paedophile Mindset

These guys are just plain sick!
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Ben Fellows - whistleblower

These guys are just plain sick! Children screaming to be heard!

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    It is my intention to help expose, to the very best of my ability, the corruption inherent in the Family Courts in which parents’ and their children’s rights are denied by corrupt judges, legal professionals, medical professionals, social workers and others with the objective being to steal children and destroy families.

    While the mainstream outlets tell us most abuse of children is by family members what they don’t mention is the huge numbers of children used and abused  while in care.

    Fostering and adoption is big business and far too many care homes have been and are being used to supply paedophile groups, or “rings” as they are called with unsuspecting victims.

    When children ─ of any age ─ are treated as commodities to be bought, sold, hired, abused in the most horrible ways imaginable and frequently killed when their usefulness has been exhausted, no child is safe.

    Any videos, text or links posted here, under the banner “Children” are not for the faint of heart and this warning is given because there is no desire to cause discomfort.   The objective is to create awareness of a great evil which is not limited to the occasional man in a grubby mac but is endemic in mostly all major institutions and goes right to the very top and I mean the very top.

    So many thousands of children vanishing and one reason for this is clear ─ today’s victims are tomorrow’s witnesses and those who prey upon children to satisfy their various abhorrent desires do not want their victims to be pointing fingers years later.

    More anon …