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A synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics.


A consumer’s guide to scams, swindles, rorts and rip-offs

The Little Black Book of Scams

DWP Intentions

Dept of Works and Pensions - whistleblower revelations.

Secret Sources

Secret sources for healing foods and medicines which could save your life.

CIA sabotage manual

The freedom fighter’s manual.

CP Reading List

Common Purpose - recommended reading list  (2008)

CP rebuts BG’s comments

Common Purpose challenges Brian Gerrish.

Merchants of Deception

Worldwide, systematic conspiracy of lies that is Amway/Quixtar Dedicated to all who have died or suffered in the name of human freedom.

Curse of Ignorance

Panel 3

Hegemony: Explorations into Consensus, Coercion and Culture.


Detention and Removal Strategy. (Dept. Of Homeland Security Document) A few PDFs for now … busy here … The Case for a Pragmatic Assessment of Private Military Companies in Iraq.

A  fistful of contractors

Army regulations 210 - 35

Civilian inmate labour programme (U.S.A.) Psychological Operations - leaders’ planning guide

PSYOPS Planning

How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-cinfiscatory agency know to man

Mary’s Book

BBC Child Protection  Policy

Auntie’s Bollox

Your life in their hands.

Agenda 21

“Not on my watch”: 50 Failures of TSA’s Transportation Security Officers

T.S.A. Report

Blacks Law Dictionary - 9th edition

Black’s Law

Civilian Inmate Labour Programme

Army Regulation 210-35

The Case for a Pragmatic Assessment of Private Military Companies in Iraq

A Fistfull of Contractors

Dedicated to all who died/suffered in the cause of Freedom and Human Liberty

The Curse of Ignorance

Owen Waters - Profound Spiritual Awakening

Soul Awakening

Demonstrating the purility of Political Correctness

Strictly PC