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    Thousands of children in the UK are forcibly removed from parents, often with no valid reason.

    A common excuse is “We think the child may be at risk of emotional harm in the future”, or just “harm in the future”, with no evidence to suggest the child is, or ever has been, at risk of harm.

    Cases are held in secret in ‘family courts’ to which caring family members such as grandparents are denied access.

    Parents are told if they speak of what happens in the court they’ll go to prison and some are, now, in prison.

    Thankfully the rules have changed and committal hearings must now be held in public as opposed to in secret as has been the case.

    It has become obvious these gagging orders are not to protect the children but to protect the outrageous, despicable, unlawful activities of the “authoritas” involved.

    Adoption and fostering are highly profitable businesses as are care homes in which many children are abused in many ways and sometimes end up being killed.

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