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    Child Stealing by the State.

    Paul and Asha’s ordeal began when their first child was born and then taken - kidnapped - by Social Services, aided by police, for no valid reason.

    When their son was born in 2013 and was taken when he was but a few hours old, taken by force from his mother’s arms with no justification, the first the parents new about it was when police broke into their home.

    The police were ‘just doing as they were told’.   Sorry, that never held up at the Nuremburg trials and it doesn’t hold up today.   The police attending knew nothing whatsoever about the case, they didn’t know why Social Services wanted to take the baby - all they knew was they had been told to facilitate the social workers’ goal - a kidnapping.

    To your right is the video of the actual kidnap followed by Paul being interviewed by Sonia Poulton.

    A second video can be viewed on Youtube here.  This is Brian Gerrish of the uk column with a more in-depth interview with Paul.   It must be said that there is a lot more information to be revealed, as injunctions are in place.   Indeed, the second video has already been blocked by a government agency.   I re-uploaded it after editing out a couple of identifiers.

     The criteria is simple - the story can be told so long as the child is not identified, directly or indirectly.

    The final hearing by the less than honourable Judge Orrell - all seventeen pages - you can read in the PDF document below.

    Paul and Asha will be appealing and a copy of the draft - and remember it is just a draft is set out below.

    For a full comprehension of the appeal it really needs to be read in conjunction with the judgement.                                                                                       

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Draft appeal here.
This is not a document d’load but typed out on another page.

Orrell’s judgement here.

This one is 10.4MB  so may take a while.   

    A TV documentary film crew spent twelve hours with Paul and Asha.    Should be broadcast next month (March 2014)

    Looking forward to it and hoping to have it on this site.   
(10th June 2014 - no sign of the film)

06 March 2014

Statement today, from Paul: “This shows the criminal behavior of a judge when allowed to run a private court. In the spirit of opening up the family court to public scrutiny, please share these documents:

Final judgement
Analysis of final judgement

    “My next move, seeing as I can't afford to travel to the nearest court, is to make this very public so people will know (if they don't already) that criminals are impersonating judges in their own private courtrooms and ruining lives for profit."

    Note: These are the original unredacted docs so Paul is really going out on a limb here!   All names are here.

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With two unredacted documents attached, I sent, to several news outlets:

The Times
The Sunday Times
Daily Mail
Mail on Sunday
The Sun
The (evening) Standard
The Telegraph
The Mirror
The Sunday Mirror
The Guardian
The Sunday Independent
Private Eye
Express and Star (Staffordshire rag)
Also to Sonia
The People's Voice

the following:

Subject: Family courts and corruption
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014

    You are probably aware of Paul and Asha Roberts’ ongoing battle with Staffordshire County Council, the Family Courts and Staffordshire Social Services.

    If not, please see:

    Up against a wall of corruption, Paul and his wife, Asha, have been unable to achieve even minimal justice and no wonder, when all hearings have been held in secret family courts and injunctions are put in place forbidding any details of what happens or what is said within those Stasi Chambers to be repeated outside those chambers.

    Paul has, in the past, to a great extent ignored those injunctions because, quote: “What is three months in prison compared to losing your child – forever?”.

    The corrupt judge Orrell has passed his final judgement. This judgement is an absolute nonsense which no rational mind could possibly accept. The result of the judgement is what was intended all along – the forced adoption of Paul and Asha’s son.

    The only way for Paul and Asha to obtain justice is to get this matter into the public domain – into a public court.

    The only way this can be got into a public court is via a sentencing hearing (sentencing must be carried out in a public court) and to this end please find attached two unredacted documents which Paul has published in direct contravention to injunctions imposed by the corrupt Orrell.

    I realise most media outlets would not risk publishing these documents for they have much to lose by so doing – though not as much as Paul and Asha have lost, I might add.

    However, the action which is being taken can be published – it’s very much a public interest story and may well get this case into public court.

    The documents have been available online for a month or so and no action has yet been taken against Paul. It is suspected this is because Staffordshire County Council does not want to do so for fear of the truth of this matter being revealed. There is a lot at stake here - a £multi-million adoption/fostering and child procurement business, massive earnings for lawyers and their ilk as well as loss of reputation for all involved – especially Staffordshire County Council’s most arrogant John Tradewell who believes he can do whatever he likes.

    Up to you – you can ignore it and allow these criminals to continue to destroy the lives of thousands or you can publish the story and help put a stop to this evil.

    Kind regards,



    Only Sonia Poulton responded (see video top of page). Not even an acknowledgement from the others.
We know Staffordshire County Council is aware - I posted the video to its website. It wasremoved within two hours.

    If this doesn’t work, then phase two will be put into operation …

    More here, from Paul

    Last updated, 10th June 2014

    22 May 2014
From Paul:

    "They'd already kidnapped (without a court order or consent) and forcibly adopted my 2 eldest daughters in the court that uses gossip and opinion to justify what they are doing.”

    “A couple of years after, my wife was pregnant again because we want a family (just like these adopters want a family). This is taken from the pre birth case conference of my youngest daughter that led to my wife being induced for no medical reason 2 days before the due date so that the UK Waffen SS can kidnap a baby from birth.”

    “Yet another forced adoption.”

    “If it was about parenting then why didn't they offer to give us parenting classes?”

    "Or is it about breaking up families for profit? The foster agencies are paid around £2k per week per child, the kidnappers get a cash bonus, expert witnesses are paid between £6k and £18k to write damning reports based on opinion only, solicitors charge whatever they like, and the kangaroo court judge is paid by the same people who pay the kidnappers."

“My question to the child snatchers in a pre birth case conference:”