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The Principles of Freedom

Principles of Freedom

Report from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and the Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP)


Ayn Rand

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

Ayn Rand

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Kevin Annett and

Canada’s genocide.

Unrepentant Agenda 21 Kudos to Patrick Henningson, foremost geo-political analyst. Cannabis is one of the oldest medicines know to man and can cure many ailments - including cancer!


A lesson from the Apes Forced Adoption Exposed

    When folks, especially proselytising evangelists want to talk about ‘God’ I ask them to please define ‘God’ so that I know exactly what we are discussing.

    Never has there been a satisfactory answer.   Indeed, invariably they talk of what they believe to  which I respond “leave aside what you believe for a moment, what do you know?”

    Usually they refer to their books which they, along with many others, consider to be ‘holy’ and to be absolute truth.

    I’m not deriding these folks or putting them down in anyway though admittedly, I do find the ideas of some of the extreme fundamentalists’ ideas ridiculous.   But then, I recall a time when I also believed some crazy stuff such as some guy with long white hair, a long white beard and dressed in red snuck down the chimney and left me a few goodies.

    Thanks to central heating, houses are being built today sans chimneys.   What children are told about how the fat guy sneaks in today I don’t know.   Maybe they are given a crash course in quantum physics and are told that he, along with his sack of gifts, dematerialises, passes through a wall, then materialises in the living room.   This may not be a bad thing if, as a result, children value their gifts a little more being concerned they (the gifts, not themselves) may de-materialise at any moment.

    Maybe they are told he manifests through their television screens.   That would make a kind of sense as today, in many homes, the idiot’s lantern has replaced the fireplace as the focal point in so many living rooms.

    Maybe I’ll write more about this another time.   For now I’ll leave it be ‘cos I’m digressing as usual.   Back on topic …

    Defining ‘god’.

    Simple answer: God is Love.   Or rather, ‘God’ is the name given to Love.   It has been said that, quote: “Love is all there is and everything else is an illusion” and with that I agree.

    Folks adhering to religious beliefs tell me “God is Love” yet can define neither God nor Love.

     I have concluded that Love, far from being an emotion or some abstract something which we impart to the favoured few is something far greater.

    Love is the greatest, the most powerful, creative energy or force there is.   That it is so creative implies intelligence and consciousness.

    Conscious, intelligent creative Love - this is what folks call ‘God’.   I’ll leave it at that for now.   Next month I’ll write about how I came to this conclusion and how this understanding began during a physics class in 1960.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *¿* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Roman Catholic Dogma.

    Confirmed Roman Catholics take the church’s dogma very seriously while the rest of us look upon it with some amusement.   However, the smile vanishes when we realise just how many otherwise intelligent folks take this stuff seriously.    Anne Widdecombe, for example (famous for not being a lesbian) …

    … but then, she is an admirer of the Ratzinger and thinks George Osborne has done and is doing a wonderful job.

    Here is what I’m talking about.

    Ever wanted an insight into the thinking of paedophiles?
    See my recent video on you-tube, here.

    Difficult to get one’s head around this one.   Imagine a whole generation of young women being unable to give birth and if some do bear children the babies are likely to have very real problems at a cellular level.

    Then imagine these defects being inherited generation after generation into the foreseeable future.

    Ya bedda believe it!     Link

    I’m certain that we, the people, can out Clegg, Cameron, and Milliband and their psychotic cronies.

    I believe we can get rid of the political parties and elect folks on the basis of their personal integrity, support for common law and a desire to serve us.

    I believe this CAN BE DONE - with the help of the rank and file good guys in the corrupt-at-the-top military, judicial and police organisations.

    And I believe it will happen if and when enough people pay attention, ignore Coronation Street, Eastenders and similar stupid nonsense and desire it and demand it.

    How long will this take? I dunno. The way things are at the moment, in spite of so much information being made available, too many folks prefer to fall asleep in front of the idiot's lantern than stay awake and actually learn something so it's gonna take a while yet ...

    There are three barriers to overcome: fear, ignorance (often wilful ignorance) and bigotry and even when these are overcome there remains the most powerful barrier of all, a barrier so great, so impenetrable it defeats us at every turn and that final barrier is apathy.

    But then, when folks don't care about themselves (as evidenced by their consuming toxic foods and drinks courtesy of the likes of McDonalds and Cocoa-Cola and even feeding it to their children no matter how obese they may become) - when folks don’t care about themselves, why should we expect 'em to care about anyone else?

    I see an exceedingly sick society and if the only way to be an integral part of it is to become sick one's self then that society can go fuck itself.

    I often wonder why self-proclaimed “Truth Seekers” will seek the facts behind the political, judicial and economic propaganda yet shy away from and in some cases flatly refuse to address the truth behind the religious propaganda.

   Could it be they are still ruled by the practitioners of the priestcraft as most of the population has been ruled for the last fifteen hundred years?

    After all - what is of the greatest importance, what governs life, the universe and everything or the relatively petty machinations of men?

    Certainly not petty legislators, lawyers and economists!

   The Age of Consent.

     Re Prof John Ashton's call for the age of conscent to be lowered to 15.

   “He argues that this will draw a line in the sand for youngsters who are having sex at 14 or 15 anyway. It will also make it easier for them to get sexual 'health' advice. The call, whether Ashton realises it or not, is another step on the 'salami' slice of old... to the 'normalisation' of paedophilia in society. Age 15 today, age 12 in two years, 9 in five years.”
(Brian, UKC)


     I Have thought long and hard about this matter.



    One can not legislate against nature.

    Today's youngsters are maturing (at least, physically) earlier than a few decades ago.

Fourteen and fifteen year olds who are ready to do so will engage in sexual activities never mind what any legislators may say.

    So, I suggest reducing the age of consent to fourteen years - this respects the youngsters who see it as unjust that adults should attempt to prevent them from doing what is quite natural while promoting such activity at every one at every available opportunity.

    To protect them as far as possible it should be illegal/unlawful for any adult to engage in sexual activity with any minor (below eighteen years of age) whether or not such activity is consensual.

    Indeed, this last should be in place now. How can it be okay for a mature adult to engage in sexual activity with a sixteen year old child?

    Respect the youngsters, honour their natures and demand that adults do likewise while recognising the youngsters' vulnerability.

    Of course, many of those who legislate are themselves up to their necks in paedophilia or are protecting and covering for paedophiles so 'tis unlikely anything positive will be done by them anytime soon.

    As always, it's up to us. Watch out for our children and the children of others and have the courage to expose known offenders no matter what office they may hold or how closely related to one’s self they may be.

    It's always been up to us ...

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