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The very real dangers of Wi-Fi to women and children.

Barry Trower.

    Barry Trower, retired British military intelligence scientist, a physicist and specialist in microwaves, does not mince words about Wi-Fi or the way school personnel are handling this:

    “Wi Fi should be wiped out of schools at a stroke today to protect all the children,” he states.

    “A lot of people make the mistake in believing that children are small adults. And unlike medication—there you have an adult dose and a children’s dose–with microwaves there is the adult dose, but there is no known safe dose of microwave safe radiation anywhere in the world published for a child.”

    He says the schools are using   “intentional ignorance. . . they will only look at and believe the research they want to. They will not acknowledge most of the real research and most of the risks. There is such a pressure and hype to get this technology.”